Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Toddlers do share.

I  read a post recently that talked about how toddlers don't share and it got me thinking. I know Kira shares a lot of things, they may not be things that we want at times but she does share. I have put together a list of items that she has shared in the past few days just to prove how well she shares.
  • Boogies- in church she must have been picking her nose while I was juggling a baby, a hymnal and service bulletin to follow along. At a time for reflection and prayer she said in a voice that could be heard throught our small church "Here mommy, I have a booger for you!"
  • Sneezes/coughs- she will run across the room or even in from another room to be two inches from my face when she sneezes or coughs. I think she knows that it is coming on and wants me to wipe her nose but she shares it just the same.
  • Poo- just yesterday she pulled out a piece of poo from her training pants and tried to give it to her sister then when she didn't want it she tried to give it to me.
  • Food from the floor- she picks up food that either she dropped or her siblings dropped and tries to feed it to one of them or to me. 
This is just a small example of things but as you can see they do share!