Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Potty learning - Day 2.

Kira is doing amazing. Today we have not had any pee accidents (even at nap time). She is reminded to use the restroom every 15-20 min up from every 10-15 min yesterday. We are still working on poo. It seems that somewhere in that 15 min window she went and had an accident in her undies. We talked about it and she is getting it. It can't be easy to go from doing something the same way from birth to switching in up in a day or two. I keep repeating that as I am cleaning up the mess lol! The way she is going, I don't think that we will have this problem much longer. The biggest problem that I am having with it is when I am tending to Jonas I can't always quick run her to the potty-not that it would have mattered today, but surely I could have recognized the signs if my attention wasn't diverted.