Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Potty learning - Day 9.

How can this cute little girl be so ornery? I swear this potty training is going to make me stroke out. She again told me twice today, "Oopsie, my pooped mom!" I wasn't sure if I wanted to bust up laughing or break down and cry. I have two things that I can't stand, poop and vomit. Baby poop does not seem to bother me a bit, I guess it's the mother's milk that makes it not smell so bad? Whatever it is, I don't enjoy cleaning it up but it doesn't make me want to gag. Now on top of all the gaginess (is that a word?) I have to swish the pants in the toilet with poo and poo tainted water splashing all around. Sorry I just reread that and so gross, but it's true. This is what I have been dealing with for the past 9 days. Well ok, two of those days were poop swishing free, but still. Yesterday I talked about one step forward and two steps back. Today felt like only the two steps back part. I am really praying that tomorrow is better. I have started the sticker program, each time she pees or poos on the toilet she will get a sticker. I am hoping this works because candy did not (I know, I know that was an awful plan!).