Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Potty learning- Day 1.

Well, after a frustrating ordering process with Super Undies we finally received part of our order. I say part due to an error with their stock they ran out of the gender neutral light blue Super Undies (see I'm thinking ahead ;)) and sent us these lovely, very girlie pants instead until the blue ones are back in stock. With all the issues I had they with them I have to say that they have excellent customer service.

As for Kira she did so much better than I expected. We had one pee issue in the morning, just a smidge as we were running to the potty, than another after nap-time. She woke up and quietly played in her crib (yes, she is still in a crib-she doesn't mind it so I'm going to leave her be), normally she will yell "Somebody get me outta here!" as soon as she wakes up. Of course the day that I want her to let me know she's awake is the day that she doesn't. After I got her cleaned up-which btw her Super Undies did not drip a drop on her bed, two soakers in the pocket work great-she went poo on the potty. Since she normally only goes once a day I thought we were good. HUGE mistake. I think after seeing how it was different changing these pants vs. diapers she understood that we don't go poo in the undies. For the rest of the night we had no issues at all. I would have to call today a success, yes we had bumps in the road but she is learning that we don't do that. She definitely gets it and I am sure that it wont be long and she will be done.