Monday, November 8, 2010

Potty learning - Day 7.

Both Kira and Jonas had well baby visits scheduled this morning. They have been sick for a few days with a fever and cough/congestion. They probably should have been seen over the weekend but since we already had this appointment set up I just waited it out. Any how, since we were going to be at the doctor and I didn't know how long the appointment would be and Kira knack for pooing in her pants when I'm not looking made me skip this morning. Sure enough we were not in the doctor's waiting room more than 5 minutes and she had dropped a bomb in her pants! We got called back to the room and I changed her at about 9:30am, when we finally got home it was time for lunch and then naptime. The frenzied mom that I've been with these sick kiddos made me actually forget to change her pants. I woke her up from her nap at 3pm and her diaper was dry! She held it for nearly 6 hours and during her nap. We did not have any accidents at all tonight, and to think I was going to give up LOL!