Thursday, November 11, 2010

Potty learning - Day 10.

Today we went back to the basics. I forgot to get the water proof undies washed last night and we had one pair, one. I was hoping that today would be a good day and we would get through the day w/o needing more than that one pair. It wasn't meant to be. After dropping the older kids off at school we made it exactly 3 minutes. I had just took her to the potty, went to get our breakfast and she ran over to tell me "my farted mommy, my just farted." I knew I was in trouble after the stink cloud that was following her finally reached where I stood. So after we got cleaned up I let her run around with a dress and no undies. She did not have another accident and by the end of the night was in regular panties and telling us when she needed to go. She had to be persuaded to get into the diaper tonight but I know having her in undies would be asking for trouble at this point. I was hoping that the Super Undies would save my floor and give her the idea that she was wearing undies and not a pull-up or diaper. That is not the case, as soon as they were taken away she improved 100%. I should have just bought a Little Green Machine instead of those stupid undies!