Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The 31 Day Photo Challenge, Day 1

Thanks to It's Gravy Baby and Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy I am taking part in a 31 Day Photo Challenge.  Visit either blog if you'd like to participate too, do one day or all of them, it's up to you.  Check out all my Photo Challenge posts here

Day 1: A photo of yourself with 10 facts.

1. I am the mother of eight children, seven living. My life is hectic for sure but I love every minute of it!
2. I don't often mention my daughter Kierston Skyler as talking about dead babies tend to make people uncomfortable. She was born still on April 27, 1997 and would have been 14 years old this year.
3. I am originally from Phoenix, Az. Moving from a big city to a smaller city and then to a rural area has been quite an adjustment for me. I love the smaller town but miss the availability of shopping and entertainment that a big city has to offer, however, I can never see myself going back.
4. I cannot stand mud. It's true, and very funny since my days from March to May and August to October is literally filled with mud. Mud covers my car, kids, dog and entry way and drives me nuts!
5. I love watching my kids play with and read to each other. I have at least one picture of each kid reading to one or more of their younger siblings, I sneak to snap the picture because it warms my heart when I see them doing that.
6. I recently received my Associate of Applied Science degree and am working on my Bachelors degree.
7. I am not a fan of cold weather but I LOVE the snow, or rather I love playing in it. Shoveling and driving in it are not top of my list.
8. I am not a morning person, I love sleeping in but haven't slept past 8am in over 11 years unless sick and Toby stayed home to tend to the kids or those few years that I worked graveyard shift but tech that wasn't sleeping in but simply sleeping ;).
9. I am an incredibly shy person, until I get to know a person well you wont hear much out of me. Along with that, I wont seek out time with a new person but will wait to be invited. As silly as it sounds, I would hate to intrude or be turned down on an invite.
10. The picture above is one of my favorite pictures of Toby and myself. Not because it is the best picture we have but because of the memory it brings back. The picture before this one was snapped, was a picture that I had stuck my tongue out in pretending to lick Toby. So when I took this one Toby was just about to lick me, you can just see his lips puckering up lol.