Thursday, March 17, 2011

The 31 Day Photo Challenge, Day 13

Thanks to It's Gravy Baby and Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy I am taking part in a 31 Day Photo Challenge.  Visit either blog if you'd like to participate too.  Check out all my Photo Challenge posts here

 Day 13: How I relax.
With seven children running or crawling around the house, I don't get too much time to relax. What I do however, is every night before going to bed I will read for 10-30 minutes. It is the one way that I can get my brain to slow down enough that I can finally fall asleep (unless my husband is snoring too loudly or the book of choice that night was a Stephen King novel). Long ago I used to love a bubble bath to unwind, I think in the past four years that we've been here I have used our huge over-sized tub two, maybe three times. I may just have to take all the bath toys out of it and use it myself tonight!